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There are two types of memories, memory linked to emotion, and memory linked to feeling. It is the first kind of memory that creates blockage.

When anger and fear, our primary emotions of fight or flight, have run their course, exhausting their raison d’être, all is well (For anger: you killed the tiger that was ready to pounce. For fear: you ran back to your hut and closed the door just in time.) But when they cannot, or are not allowed to run their course (“Do not hit your sister” or “Boys don’t cry”), the emotions turn inward and become secondary emotions, energies blocked in holding patterns.

The stronger the emotion, the deeper the holding pattern. Because these holding patterns are difficult to endure (either emotionally or physically), people seek relief by resorting to what looks like instinctual behavior—but only mimics instinct while disrupting the natural rhythm. They eat when they aren’t hungry, which can lead to all sorts of abdominal disorders. They oversleep, or have insomnia, with all the cascade of consequences attached to a disrupted sleep pattern. They engage in sexual perversions, or movement to excess. Their fear turned to anxiety can disrupt the instinctual rhythm of breathing, resulting in abnormal breathing patterns, asthma, desire to smoke, and need for stimulants.

Generation After Generation

Secondary instinctual behaviors with all their attendant ills are part of the complex pattern that you may find perpetuating down through generation after generation, creating “an intense field of many levels of energies, in constant process,” tending, in this case toward fragmentation.

Once the complex pattern has settled in, with its disruptive rhythms and abnormal neurological pathways, it is difficult to revert back to normal pathways. The nervous system has become habituated.

Whether we are dealing with our own events, or with family history, the process of correction is the same: we need to return to the source.

Familial Memories and Repetitive Patterns

Memory is not all-inclusive. Think of it as so many pop-ups, or bubbles in the flow of a great river. Memories frame moments and flows, giving them boundary forms and images you can relate to. Subterranean memories and flows, of which you are not aware of, also exist. By discarding unpleasant memories, you are making room for new memories to float up to the surface of your consciousness. All those hard feelings that plagued you about your mother are gone. Now you’re remembering only the fun times with her.

Image by Judith Shidlowsky

Of course, the clearing work is not so easy to do when time has eroded many of the memories blocking your familial DreamField through multiple generations. Your only way of catching the tail of those memories is by observing repetitive painful patterns in yourself and maybe in other members of the family. Asking questions of family members may help. But there is a faster way: asking your subconscious. You can always verify afterward with older members of the family if what has arisen for you from the ancestral DreamField is true.

First identify the nagging pattern you’ve observed in yourself and other members of the family that you wish to clear. Then do this exercise. This is the main exercise for clearing an ancestral pattern.

Exercise I: Clearing Ancestral Trauma

Close your eyes. Breathe out slowly three times, counting from three to one. See the one tall, clear, and bright.

Recognize a recurring pattern in your life. Observe whether this is also a familial pattern.

Breathe out. Return back through your life, noting the pattern as it occurs. Do this fast. Do not linger.

Breathe out. Go to the very first time in your life that you observe this pattern. How old are you? Where are you? Who else is there? What is the event?

Breathe out. Cut the cord between you and the other person(s).

Breathe out. Return into your mother’s womb. Return backward through the gestational development, watching to see whether you experience the same emotions that are consistent with this pattern. Note the gestational ages when you feel it most strongly.

Breathe out. Go back to the time of conception. What feelings do you experience?

Breathe out. Go back to before incarnation. Look down at your two parents and ask what attracted you to them.

Breathe out. Ask what is your mission in life. Make sure to clearly recognize your mission before moving on.

Breathe out. Turn 180 degrees. Looking at the familial dreamfields of your father and your mother, ask which one needs to be addressed to clear this recurring pattern you are working on. See the DreamField that needs to be addressed lighting up.

Breathe out. Ask to be taken directly to the very first event that triggered this pattern, and its repetition down the family line. This event could have happened many generations ago. Trust your dreaming, and the images you are being shownDescribe exactly what is happening, and who it is happening to. Describe everything you are shown about the event.

Breathe out three times counting from three to one. Roll back this person’s life to show you what was happening before this traumatic event occurred.

Breathe out. Roll this person’s life forward. How has the event impacted this person’s life? What has this person’s life been like since the damaging event?

Breathe out. Come to the person’s time of death. What are this person’s feelings and thoughts at the time of passing?

Breathe out three times counting from three to one. You, today, go stand next to your ancestor as they experience the traumatic event. Tell your ancestor you are going to cut the cord that has held their soul, and all the souls of the family lineage, in bondage to this memory.

Breathe out. Call on the great force of transformation that you can visualize as the archangel Michael. See the blue sky opening, Michael descending, dressed in his sapphire blue robe, holding the sapphire blue sword of fire.

Breathe out. Ask his permission to borrow the sword.

Breathe out. Using Michael’s sword, cut the cord connecting this ancestor to the traumatic event. See what happens to the perpetrator(s) or to the scene.

Breathe out. If the perpetrator(s) is/are still there, continue cutting invisible cords until the perpetrator(s) has/ have gone or dissolved.

Breathe out. Tell your ancestor that their soul is now free, and can go where souls live. Watch as the soul leaves.

Breathe out three times counting from three to one. There is a bucket of water at your feet. Plunge the tip of the sword into the water. See the sapphire blue fire charging the water. Now you have fire-water.

Breathe out. Return the sword to archangel Michael, thanking him. Ask for his blessing.

Breathe out. Feel his hand on your head. See and, feel the sapphire blue fire passing through every cell in your body, clearing and cleansing it of this old pattern. The fire will stop running through your body when it is done.

Breathe out. See your cells returning to their natural healthy alignment.

Breathe out. Look into the eyes of the archangel and hear his blessing.

Breathe out. Watch as he returns into his heavenly abode.

Breathe out three times, counting from three to one. See the line of your ancestors all the way down to your children and their children, cousins, nephews and nieces and their children.

Breathe out. Take the fire-water and throw it down the line. Watch what happens to the lineage.

Breathe out. There is one drop left in the bucket. Pick it up on the tip of your index finger and place it on your body where the body wants it.

Breathe out. Open your eyes, knowing the repair is done, and the pattern cleared out for you, for all your ancestry and for your living and future family members.

How do you know if what you’ve seen is a historical fact involving one of your ancestors? You can make inquiries, or you may never know. It’s not that important.

What is important is that those images were logged in your subconscious, have surfaced at your inquiry, and were transformed. It’s done! So simple. And it will remain done unless you perversely call back your bad habits.

Habits are what you must watch for. Imagine the following scenario: you’ve stopped smoking, your cravings are gone, then a smoking buddy taunts you with a cigarette, and out of some perverse challenge to yourself, you take the cigarette. That’s when the old habit can reassert itself.

Any temptation? The best way to get rid of habits is to sweep them out of your subconscious and replace them with a feeling.

Exercise II: The Golden Broom

Close your eyes. Breathe out slowly three times, counting from three to one. See the one tall, clear, and bright.

Imagine that you have a little golden broom.

Breathe out. Sweep the temptation out of your body to the left.

Breathe out. Return to the feeling of peaceful body you had when not smoking (or drinking or eating or whatever your bad habit is). See where the feeling is located in your body. See its color. Give it a name.

Breathe out. Open your eyes, hearing the name and seeing the color with open eyes.

Golden broom with green gems

You have cleared an ancestral pattern, and you’re basking in the newfound freedom. But it’s not enough to rest on your laurels. Ask to be shown other ancestral patterns that block your access to greater consciousness. You can do it by asking your night dreams, or simply your daytime consciousness.

Ancestral patterns abound in family dreamfields but you want to peel them off slowly, for as the Talmud tells us, if you peel an onion to its core at night, by morning you’re dead. In other words, you wouldn’t want to lose your identity all at once. Peel off one layer first then rebuild slowly, before moving on to the next layer.

Take your time. Observe yourself. Ask yourself if your qualities are inherited. While the good fairy godmothers shower us with good qualities, there is also a bad fairy godmother who curses us with a bad quality or two passed on by our ancestors. Can we choose what we want to discard, and what we want to keep?

Exercise III: Choosing Ancestral Gifts

Close your eyes. Breathe out slowly three times, counting from three to one. See the one tall, clear, and bright.

You are standing on a vast empty plain. You know you are the last in a long line of ancestors snaking out behind you, but you don’t turn around to look.

Breathe out. Hear a rumble starting way back and growing louder as it comes closer, and feel a ripple of movement like a wave coming toward you.

Breathe out. Something is put into your hand from behind. Breathe out. Look at what you have in your hand. Do you accept the gift or reject it?

Breathe out. If you don’t want the gift, then put whatever it is to your left. If you do accept the gift, put it to your right.

Breathe out. Hear the rumble and feel the ripple again. Look at what is put in your hand. Put it to your left or to your right, as you choose.

Breathe out. Hear the rumble and the ripple one more time. Look at what is put in your hand. Put it to your left or to your right, as you choose.

Breathe out. If you have something on your left, burn it, dig a hole in the ground, and bury the ashes.

Breathe out. Gather what you have chosen to keep, and walk off to the right, holding the gift(s) given you by your ancestors. Breathe out. Open your eyes, seeing the gift(s) with open eyes.

Ancestors are alive and well in your subconscious field. They are your inheritance, and represent a huge untapped potential for you. After pruning the field for bad qualities, you can think of your ancestors as an advisory board whose many aptitudes you can employ at will, since they exist in your personal and family dreamfields.

Know that you can always ask them questions, and make use of their knowledge and aptitudes. Ask for their help, and let the subconscious speak.

by Catherine Shainberg