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The School of Images® has workshops, classes, private sessions, special events, and books and other tools to explore, to study and to use to make your life  more creative, transformative and harmonious..

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We offer curious adventurers of the mind and soul free, short introductions to all of our main programs. Discover the meaning of your subconscious images with a Taste of Saphire® Imagery, and try Saphire® exercises led by a certified practitioner. Study Tarot SOI’s Way – as a book of images – that can reveal the hidden truth of your dreams and life path. A Taste of DreamBirth will introduce you to this groundbreaking approach to having the conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting experience you dream of. And our Taste of Imagery & Children will introduce parents and educators to fun, imaginative and responsible use of imagery and dreams to benefit children.

These Tastes of SOI are the perfect way to begin to explore the rich, varied and simple practice and resources developed by SOI.

We have many more Tastes you can explore –  check regularly to see what’s new on the SOI Calendar

Video Offerings


These short and transformational Saphire® Imagery exercises developed by Catherine Shainberg create a dialogue between the conscious and subconscious for transformation on every level.

Watch these videos to help ground yourself in moments of stress, ease relationship tensions, and breathe through heightened emotions.
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SOI on YouTube

SOI’s YouTube channel is full of presentations, classes and more that will inform, educate and delight.

Visit our YouTube to meet SOI’s international practitioners, receive DreamGift exercises, and learn about new, exciting offerings!
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In Print

Books on Saphire® Imagery

Acclaimed books on Saphire® Imagery and DreamBirth® by Catherine Shainberg.

Free Book Excerpts

From the Kabbalah of Light, Catherine Shainberg’s newest book released in July 2022 and  as excerpted in Eden Magazine.

Kabbalah of dreaming is also called the Kabbalah of Light or Saphire. Saphire is unique among other forms of Kabbalah in that it limits its practice to the imagination and visualizations to access higher levels of consciousness.”


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Press & Media

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