SOI International Schools

Dr. Catherine Shainberg
Executive and Founding Director


SOI International Schools

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Benelux
  • France
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Slovenia

School of Images® Asia-Pacific

Lucia Dang

China Mainland
Languages: Mandarin, English
DreamBirth® certified

Helena McCallum

Languages: English

Millicent Lai

Hong Kong
Languages: English, Cantonese

School of Images® Benelux

Lindsey Curtis

Languages: English, French
DreamBirth® certified

Sheona McEwan

The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch

School of Images® France

Agnes Glaise

Languages: English, Italian

School of Images® Japan

Makiko Miki

Languages: Japanese

School of Images® UK

Samantha Smallwood-Pounds

UK, Director / Africa
Languages: English

Diana Maniati

Languages: English, Greek

Tiffany Stephens

UK / Mexico
Languages: English
DreamBirth® certified

School of Images® Slovenia

Irena Cuber

Languages: English, Slovenian

Mala Kline

Slovenia / Belgium
Languages: English, Slovenian