Tap Your Creative Powers for a Positive Childbirth Journey  

Creating the childbirth experience of your dreams

Many pregnancy and childbirth guides focus on what is happening in a mother’s body.  Yet what is happening in the body is created and informed by what is happening in our dreams,  images  and thoughts. This draws upon a creative intelligence within and around us, whether we know it or not.

How do we tap into the vast creative intelligence we have as creators of life, as parents-to-be?

Created by Dr. Catherine Shainberg and collaborating birth professsionals, DreamBirth® offers a direct, simple and powerful method for you to access this inner reservoir.  Once you have tapped into it, you will never lose it. In this way, childbirth using DreamBirth transforms the experience and the people having the experience of childbirth.

DreamBirth® can be used

  • For personal use  by mothers (and all parents and birth helpers) as a self-development tool.
  • For professional use by birthing professionals who are interested in becoming trained and certified in DreamBirth®

Explore DreamBirth®

Classes & Workshops

Hoping to conceive? Want to have loving bonding and parenting? Easy pregnancy and childbirth your desire?  Healing past birthing traumas needed?

DreamBirth® is a way to do all of these things using simple, effective and direct imaginal exercises and other techniques to let you reside in joy and faith and leave you ready to expect a positive childbirth outcome.

Through workshops, classes, and private sessions, DreamBirth®  can guide your full childbirth journey –  from (pre) conception to post-natal life – so that you and your baby have the childbirth experience of your dreams.

for Conception

DreamBirth® for Conception taps into your imagery – the universal language of the body – to reveal to you what you need to see about your body’s preparation for promoting conception irrespective of method, to ease anxiety, harmonize your creative emerges with your partner, and welcome new life.

for Pregnancy

DreamBirth® for Pregnancy uses dreams, imagery and imaginal exercises to guide you through all the phases of pregnancy,  to reduce or eliminate physical discomfort and distress, to rehearse for childbirth, and to develop a deep capacity to tune into your body, your needs and the needs of your baby-to-be during gestation.

for Labor & Childbirth

The arrival of your baby may be the most exciting moment of your life. The way to that moment – through labor – is often depicted and experienced as difficult, even frightening. Many women (and their partners) can be anxious about this part of the childbirth process. DreamBirth® for Labor and Childbirth prepares you to ease into labor with both imaginal and practical guidance on a range of childbirth concerns –  from fetal positioning to hospital procedures, from communicating with your baby during labor to post-partum healing and is much more.

for Bonding & Parenting

Parents, especially mothers,  are consumed by feelings of great responsibility. And they get so much advice! So many questions. So many answers. So many experts. DreamBirth® for Bonding and Parenting helps the mother (and partner) go inside to get advice from her wise self, her truly knowing self  and through that truly know your baby’s needs, how to create emotional connection, and lay the foundation for your child’s extraordinary life.

Private Sessions

Parents facing childbirth –  even if not for the first time – often benefit from individual support.  DreamBirth Practitioners can guide you using your own imagery and dream techniques to promote confidence, gain insight and ensure relaxation and trust in your own inner wisdom.

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Special Offerings

The teachers and practitioners of SOI are continually developing new DreamBirth® workshops, classes, and intensives to deepen their own practices and enliven your childbirth experience at every step of your journey.

Check in to our Calendar Offerings page frequently to see what’s new!  Thanks!