About Saphire® Imagery

You know how to walk.  Do you know how to dream?

Do you understand the power of your dreams and imagery to transform your life and the world around you?

This is what Saphire® Imagery will show you.

All it takes is a little jolt

Saphire® Imagery is the practice of inner vision. It teaches you how to short-circuit your inner mental chatter and focus on inner gazing, imagery, dreams, dreaming – in a revolutionary new way. Using this, you experience a “jolt” – an inner activation that, like a magic word, opens the doors to your subconscious and plunges you straight into your dreaming mind. Quick, revelatory, surprising, the jolt is an event to be experienced. You will gain immediate access to your creativity, truth and inner guidance.

Saphire® Imagery uses imaginal exercises as the key tool that plunges you, in a new way, into your imagination and your dreaming mind and thus enables instantaneous insight and transformation in you. It is fast, easy and effective. It can work immediately. It catalyzes creative manifestation at all levels, in all areas of life, whether personal or professional, communal or global.

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Created in a Dream

The inspiration for the name and the creation of “Saphire® Imagery” came to Catherine Shainberg in a dream:

“My teacher, Colette, is holding my cupped hands in her own two. Suddenly blue light begins to radiate and grow between my hands. It becomes a huge sapphire, shining light in all directions.”

The root of the word sapphire is SPH, a Hebrew word meaning emanation (the big bang). It also means numbers (time) and story (manifestation). Saphire® Imagery emerged from the flash of insight into time and manifestation!

In the same way, your dream images acquire meaning, a time frame and a goal that propels itself into reality. It captures the essence of imagery work: the inner light of creation, making us co-creators with the world, to manifest our truest life in real time.

The Quick Road

Saphire® Exercises give you a tool to become true to yourself. You will be shown by your inner images and the deep power of your imagination how to be your own best advocate, manager and creator of the life you wish to live.

These and other Saphire® Imagery tools can be used to enhance any and all activities:  in your personal life, your dealings with others, your business, your art, your inner strivings toward a higher self and more will all be empowered when you learn to use your imaginal mind.

In this way, Saphire® Exercises are the quick road to:

Hear the silent

See the invisible

Feel the immaterial

And bring them all into the manifest light of day.

Mastering Your Life

Saphire® Exercises make up just one of the powerful tools in the methodology of Saphire® Imagery.

For those who want to deeply manifest their dream life or help others to do so, Saphire® Imagery is a comprehensive practice that includes the following fundamental techniques:

Imagery Exercises

Saphire® Exercises are short inductions that lead you into waking images that are both diagnostic and transformational, guiding you to insights you have gained within to manifest in your everyday life.


DreamOpening® is a simple, four-level technique that teaches about the language of dreams and the subconscious. This enables us to open a dialogue between the conscious and subconscious, a key to manifestation.


Morphology is the study of body form and the practice of observing the body to understand the unique story it tells us. Our bodies become a guide to the Self,  showing  us who we truly are and revealing the hidden potential we don’t often see.


Reversing is an ancient process that teaches you how to lighten your burdens, repair your errors and create a new perspective.


Praying in images is very powerful. Learning to pray this way for yourself and for others is life enhancing and enriching.

The Waking Dream

The waking dream is a state of visual thinking entered by means of SOI’s quick and simple relaxation techniques.

The Life Plan

The life plan helps you to identify your reactions – which are out of our awareness – and to turn reactions into responses, thereafter bypassing the reactive behaviors that trap us and enabling transformation.

 Tree Of Life Healing

Tree of Life Healing teaches the ways and paths to healing the soul, mind, emotions and body.


Chanting is the process by which you physically ground an intention in your body and mind, allowing the vibrations to become part of your body memory to return you to your true intention.

The School of Images is a unique setting to explore the power of imagery, dreams and the deep use of imagination for manifestation and transformation. Through classes, workshops, events, private sessions, practitioner referrals, and other resources, SOI integrates ancient wisdom and modern practices, techniques and tools for all to use in creating the life of our dreams.

To master your life through personal self-development or to help others to do so by becoming a Certified Saphire® Imagery Practitioner, see our current offerings for Saphire® Imagery Training and Certification and for Self-Development on this website or contact us directly.