Saphire® Imagery Training & Certification

Training & Certification in Saphire® Imagery through SOI

Certification in Saphire® Imagery is a multi-year program that requires successful completion of School of Images® core course work, including:

  • DreamOpening® 
  • Imagery
  • Morphology
  • Reversing
  • Prayer
  • Private Sessions
  • Supervision

Optional Training is recommended in

  • Tarot SOI’s Way
  • The Life Plan
  • Tree of Life Healing
  • Chanting

Length of study will vary depending on students’ time, resources, and the schedule of SOI offerings.

Note: 3 workshops equals 2 semesters.

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(Workshops or Classes)

8 semesters total

Saphire® Imagery prepares practitioners and those interested in personal “self-development” to use myriad and varied Saphire® exercises as short inductions given by the imagery guide to the dreamer. These inductions lead the dreamer into waking images that are often as intense and clear visually as the most powerful night dreams. As the waking images unfold, they are both diagnostic and transformational. They help dreamers to delineate and construct their own inner landscapes, and access internal richness, power and beauty. They guide you to bring forth the lessons you have learned within and to manifest them in your everyday life.

Over time, course offerings vary.  Foundational classes include: the Kabbalah of Light, Kabbalah and The Power of Dreaming, The Heart-Centered Way,  Bible Stories, Tarot SOI’s Way, and DreamBirth® with additional courses added from time to time.

(Workshops or Classes)

2 semesters total

DreamOpening® is a four-level technique that reveals the language of dreams and of the subconscious. The DreamOpening® method distinguishes four levels of dream opening: the story, the pattern, the question and the secret. After mastering these levels, you gain access to the meaning of your dreams and images. This enables you to open a dialogue between the conscious and subconscious, a key to manifestation.  Dreams are messages from the subconscious. Not opening them is akin to not reading a letter that was sent to you. It might contain information that could change your life.

Foundational  DreamOpening® classes include: Basic DreamOpening® and Advanced DreamOpening.®

(Workshops or Classes)

8 semesters total

Morphology is the study of body form and the practice of observing the body to understand the unique story it tells us. Our bodies become a guide to the Self.  You learn to see, without judgment and with great respect, how the form of the body can show to us who we  – and those around us – truly are, and reveal the hidden potential we don’t often see. Using imaginal techniques, you reconnect your experience to the language of the body and the power of imagination and dreaming for creative manifestation and personal transformation. You will also gain a perspective with useful and practical applications in everyday life. For practitioners this knowledge is essential, as it gives deeper insight about how you and those around you function and interact.

Foundational Morphology classes include: The Four Basic Grids, Advanced Grids (Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Grids), Greek Gods and Hebrew Tribes: 12 Morphological Types.


Final 2 semesters

Do we pray with words or can we pray with our whole being? Praying in images is very powerful. Learning to do that for yourself and for others is life enhancing and enriching. You experience the power of dream communication by witnessing how fast transformation occurs.

Private Sessions

6 semesters total

On a weekly basis throughout training and as requested by individuals, private sessions will be conducted  with Dr. Shainberg or a qualified SOI Practitioner identified by SOI.

Supervision and Final Exam

Final 4 semesters

The final four semesters of Saphire® Imagery training are devoted to working with clients under supervision. Trainees must work with at least five clients. Trainees’ fees will be determined by SOI.

Trainees must pass a final exam of practical application in a combination of areas (such as applying Morphology in client work, leading imagery and DreamOpening® classes, and writing imagery exercises).  SOI develops and evaluates exams.

Upon successful completion of requirements, trainees receive a Certificate as a Certified Saphire® Imagery Practitioner that authorizes them to practice Saphire® Imagery, to be listed as SOI Practitioners on the SOI website, to be referred for services by SOI to clients seeking self-development, and to be eligible for access to the SOI Archives, including prior classes, class plans, and exercises library as well as participation is post-certification advanced classes .

All SOI offerings are also available for self-development on a class-by-class basis. All Saphire® Imagery offerings must be successfully completed to become an SOI-certified Saphire® Imagery Practitioner.