Opportunities for Personal Self-Development

Personal Self-Development through Saphire® Imagery and DreamBirth®

Programs for Self-Development are meant for all who wish to cultivate their inner life and nourish their individual development. Participants may concentrate on one course or pursue a combination of studies.

For Saphire® Imagery this includes:

  • Imagery
  • DreamOpening® 
  • Morphology
  • Workshops & Intensives on Special Topics
  • Private Sessions
  • Consultations

All DreamBirth® classes except Integration & Practice are open to any person interested in benefitting from     DreamBirth®.

For both programs, all classes successfully completed can be credited to certification if this is desired at a later time.

(Workshops or Classes)

Saphire® Imagery prepares those interested in personal self-development to use myriad and varied Saphire®exercises as short inductions given by the imagery guide to the dreamer. These inductions lead the dreamer into waking images that help dreamers to see and construct your own inner landscape and access your own richness, power and beauty. They guide you to bring forth the insights you have gained from your images and dreams within and to manifest them in your everyday life.

(Workshops or Classes)

DreamOpening® is a four-level technique that reveals the language  and necessity of dreams – the truth within the dream or image that requires your attention. In each class, a dream presented by a participant is opened by the group. There is no analysis or interpretation of the dream and no opinions or judgments about the dream are offered by the group; they are presenting their experience of the dream as “secondary dreamers” to gain additional guidance for action on the highest level, unique to each dreamer.

DreamOpening® classes open for personal development include: Basic DreamOpening® and Advanced DreamOpening®.

(Workshops or Classes)

Morphology is the study of body form and the practice of observing the body to understand the unique story it tells us. Our bodies become a guide to the Self.  You learn to see, without judgment and with great respect, how the form of the body can show us – and those around us – who we truly are and reveal the hidden potential we don’t often see. Using imaginal techniques, you reconnect your experience to the language of the body and the power of imagination and dreaming for creative manifestation and personal transformation. You will also gain a perspective with useful and practical applications in everyday life.

Morphology classes open for personal development include: The Four Basic Grids, Advanced Grids (Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Grids), Greek Gods and Hebrew Tribes: 12 Morphological Types.

Workshops & Intensives

on Special Topics

Workshops (three consecutive days) and Intensives (five to six consecutive days) afford in-depth explorations in one subject or specialty. All workshops and intensives incorporate either imagery and DreamOpening® or Morphology. Each focuses on a particular area of exploration to serve as a blueprint for inner transformation, personal development, and individual exploration of a profound yet practical path.


Consultations are made available to private groups and organizations – both small and large – that want to benefit from the use of the imagination as a direct source of guidance, inspiration and collective transformation. The issues facing groups are seemingly complex, but can often be simplified and clarified by imagery and dream work, unleashing the power of the imagination to manifest.

Private Sessions

Participants often come to private sessions with questions about:

  • a personal situation they want to change
  • a relationship they’d like to improve
  • a goal they want to achieve.

The SOI Practitioner guides a client or a student through his/her own imagery, using imagery and dream techniques to induce transformation, insight and restoration. One may then clear the habits and difficulties of the past and make inspired new choices.

Private sessions may be available with Dr. Shainberg or a qualified SOI Practitioner at the discretion of SOI.

The teachers and practitioners of SOI are continually developing new workshops, classes, and intensives to deepen their own practices and enliven yours.

Check in to our Special Offerings page frequently to see what’s new!  Thanks!