PUBLICATION / February 1, 2023

Valentine’s Day Message from Catherine Shainberg

Catherine Shainberg, founder of the School of Images, shares a special message about love: "There is No Love Without Imagination."     Catherine originally delivered this message at the Guggenheim Venice 2000 Symposium.

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PUBLICATION / January 9, 2023

Imagine the Real! Catherine Shainberg & Bernard Beitman

What lies at the intersection of coincidence and consciousness?   Bernard Beitman, founder of the Coincidence Project, recently interviewed Catherine Shainberg about this topic – the role of coincidence and its impact on consciousness. Hear Dr. Shainberg discuss how an apparent coincidence played a powerful role in her life’s work…

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promotional photo of Catherine Shainberg on Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell. Red background with book cover and text snippet
PUBLICATION / November 25, 2022

Look Inside & Ask Questions | Catherine Shainberg on Empowering Chats

What can we find when we look inside? Answers to our burning questions may already exist within us, if only we ask. On thie episode of  Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell, Catherine Shainberg speaks on the power of inner gazing. Catherine describes the Kabbalah as a means to receive. At the School…

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PUBLICATION / August 1, 2022

Kabbalah of Light Featured in Oracle 20/20

"To learn who you are, to discover your hidden motivations, and to speak to your body and cells, you will have to leave behind what you perceive as the safe shores of the conscious mind, Can you trust the unconscious?" Read an excerpt from Catherine Shainberg's newest book in the…

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PUBLICATION / July 26, 2022

Catherine Shainberg Speaks Live on Eleven Eleven

Catherine Shainberg goes live on 11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh Tuesday, July 26 2022. Tune in for a rich discussion of Kabbalah of Light, Catherine's newest book, which is filled with 159 "Kabbalistic practices to connect with the natural genius of your subconscious and liberate the light within." The live event…

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PUBLICATION / July 22, 2022

Kindle Publishes Kabbalah of Light

Catherine Shainberg's latest book, Kabbalah of Light, will be available on Kindle and as an audio book on July 22, 2022. Watch our Shop for its arrival!

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PUBLICATION / July 15, 2022

Rebel Spirit Radio Features Catherine Shainberg

Catherine Shainberg joins with Nick Mathers of Rebel Spirit Radio to share her new book in this enlightening episode.     Catherine discusses Kabbalah as the science of letting the subconscious speak, the importance of working with images, the tradition of dreams and dreaming in the Hebrew Bible, and the necessity…

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PUBLICATION / July 12, 2022

Mission: Evolution TV Interview with Catherine Shainberg

What can we find by turning our ever-outward facing gaze inwards? In this interview on Mission: Evolution, entitled Searching for Soul: The Journey Inward, Gwilda Wikaya and Catherine Shainberg discuss that journey and the abundant fruits it may bear. Mission: Evolution Catherine speaks of the origins of her…

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