Training & Certification in DreamBirth®

Take your Birthing Practice to a new level.

DreamBirth® Certification is for persons interested in enhancing an existing birthing practice or in developing one for the first time. The work of  helping parents-to-be to have a wonderful childbirth journey requires, skill, compassion –  and imagination.  DreamBirth is unique way to deepen your own practice while helping others to experience a childbirth journey of their dreams.

DreamBirth® Certification requires completion of DreamBirth® course work and other requirements, including:

Conception (one 8-session course)

Pregnancy & Childbirth (three 8-session courses)

Parenting & Bonding (one 8-session course)

Integration & Practice (one 8-session course)

At least 3 Private Sessions with a Certified SOI or DreamBirth® Practitioner

Each class is 90 minutes, typically scheduled at the same time over consecutive weeks.

Additional levels of Training and Certification are available.

Interested in becoming a DreamBirth® Certified Practitioner?

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DreamBirth® is a method for communicating directly with your body to create the birth experience of your dreams. Through the language of dreams and imagery, DreamBirth® offers beautiful, quick, simple and practical exercises and guidance based upon the proven methods of Saphire® Imagery to draw upon a woman’s innate creative power for conception, pregnancy and labor, post-partum care, and parenting and bonding.

DreamBirth® Certification is an essential resource for birthing professionals, whether midwives/doulas, nurse practitioners, doctors, fertility experts, or any birth care professional.

DreamBirth® was created by Catherine Shainberg, Ph.D., Founder and Director of SOI, in collaboration with seven doulas, persons trained to provide advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth.  It is presently led by Claudia Raiken, MA, DreamBirth® Master Teacher and Practitioner.


(8 weeks)

Training in exercises that give women access to their procreative power, maximizing a woman’s natural abilities to conceive, carry and give birth in perfect health. These techniques are effective without any other fertility work, yet are also a perfect adjunct to women undergoing fertility treatments.

DreamBirth® –
Pregnancy & Childbirth

(24  weeks in 3 modules)

Training in DreamBirth® exercises and methods facilitate an easier pregnancy and less painful labor, as well as deal with emotions and thoughts that might get in the way of a happy pregnancy and successful, calm labor. There are many DreamBirth® exercises that also improve relationships and communication; primarily with the baby-to-be, but also with partners,  family members and everybody who will be present at and around the birth.

DreamBirth® –
Parenting  & Bonding

(8 weeks)

Training in exercises for clients to assist in “parenting your own way” wisely;  to promote self-care, support and growing up one’s own inner child; in seeing and feeling through the baby’s eyes and skin; exercises for dealing with baby’s crying, fear, anger and emotional outbursts; and exercises for sibling rivalry, family integration and exercises for older children.

DreamBirth® – Integration & Practice

(8 weeks)

Designed to integrate all you have learned in the classes for conception, pregnancy and birth, and mothering and bonding, this will prepare trainees to build their DreamBirth® practices and provide a case-driven review of all the major concepts presented, especially those that deal with how to use and present imagery, focusing on how to repair and respond to the necessity of the image. This is also preparation for the final certification exam.

DreamBirth®  –  Levels 2 & 3

Level 2 (Individual Practice)

Level 3 (As a Level 1 Trainer)

For those interested in developing deeper skills in DreamBirth®, there are two additional levels of training and certification:

Level 2 Certification requires you to have satisfied all requirement for Level 1; Take two semesters of Saphire® Imagery and two semesters of DreamOpening®; have nine months of weekly DreamBirth® Supervision including work with at least 12 clients; and receive at least seven private sessions. Classes in Saphire® Imagery and DreamOpening®.

Level 3 Certification requires you to have satisfied all requirement for Levels 1 and 2; Take an additional two semesters of Saphire® Imagery and an additional two semesters of DreamOpening®; complete training in the first five Morphology Grids; have nine months of weekly DreamBirth Supervision including work with at least 12 clients;  and receive at least ten additional  private sessions.

Note: All DreamOpening®  classes are available through the School of Images® and/or in SOI International Centers.

After certification at Levels 1 and 2, practitioners are qualified to give DreamBirth® classes to pregnant women or women wanting to get pregnant, and are qualified to work with people individually. After certification at Level 3, certified practitioners may teach other professionals to become Level 1 practitioners of DreamBirth®.

Upon completion of  DreamBirth® training and certification, trainees receive a Practitioner Certificate that authorizes them to practice DreamBirth®; allow practitioners to use this certification professionally  and to be listed as DreamBirth® Certified Practitioners on the SOI website, to receive referrals, and to be eligible for membership access to the SOI DreamBirth®Archives.