An Exclusive Conversation with SOI Founder, Dr. Catherine Shainberg

28 September 2024 | hosted in association with Natural Spirit Magazine

Join Catherine for an inspiring conversation about the power of dreaming to heal and restore our world.

Join Catherine Shainberg for an Exclusive Webinar on Dreaming Restores The World  | 28 September 2024 | 8PM Tokyo – 7AM New York

Inspired by her recent publication in Japan’s Natural Spirit Magazine.  To read in Japanese, click here.

Consider that your dreaming can help to restore the world to balance.  Catherine Shainberg will discuss how this happens through dreaming and imagery and why it is so impactful and important for those who care about global matters to dream with intention.

In conjunction with the release of the Japanese translation of her revelatory book, The Kabbalah of Light, and publication of excerpts in the August 2024 issue of Japan’s pre-eminent Natural Spirit magazine, she will lead an intriguing one-hour virtual session (via Zoom) on this core concept and truth: Dreaming Restores the World.

Join Catherine to explore how your active dreaming has an important and irreplaceable role to play in co-creation in this vast effort at global restoration. Consider how to “tithe” or contribute your dreaming to help repair the world, restoring it to its balanced and rightful state.

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