Life Becoming | PreConception

Try a Taste of DreamBirth®

For Those Wanting to Conceive & For Birthing Professionals

3 February 2024

Before we conceive we prepare to conceive, whether we know it or not.

How we prepare is the key to creating life within and through us –  by conceiving and giving birth, by becoming mother.

PreConception is the time of life before conception occurs. Conception occurs in an instant, while pre-conception takes the time that it needs in order to create the best possible conditions within you for what will come. This is a time to prepare, cultivate oneself, and connect within. 

To help you make an easier and more intentional journey to the moment of conception, SOI is offering eight 90-minutes sessions on PreConception. 

In this DreamBirth®course you (re-)connect to your innately creative nature and deeply anchor in the new reality of allowing creation as life becoming. 

These sessions will provide perspective, techniques and practical steps to prepare yourself entirely to conceive a new life –  that is, to create the best possible physical, emotional, and  practical conditions and state of being to conceive and set in motion the childbirth journey of your dreams.

Experience DreamBirth® | Life Becoming Through PreConception

Life Becoming | DreamBirth® Preconception is an opportunity for mothers-to-be to prepare for the important and life altering moment of conception and all that comes from that moment  – in pregnancy, labor, childbirth, parenting, bonding and beyond –  in all of the stages and experiences of childbirthing.

  • We will use techniques such as imaginal exercises,  inner gazing, and dream work to prepare for and welcome this new life as both a cherished soul and as a guide to what is really needed for you to conceive.  
  • We will see and address through DreamBirth practices any obstacles within and around you that affect your journey to conception and birth, including past difficulties with conceiving, pregnancy and birthing trauma.  .  
  • We will use the simple, effective and easy techniques of DreamBirth® in learning, practicing, and integrating the language of dreams and images throughout this PreConception course.
  • We will celebrate this very special time in life and seize the opportunity it gives you to conceive new life, that is, life becoming.

Lindsey Curtis, Certified SOI and DreamBirth Practitioner, speaks about Life Becoming | PreConception in this brief video.