Claudia Raiken

Claudia Raiken is the Global Liaison for DreamBirth®, a Senior Teacher and Certified Practitioner at the School of Images®. She is oversees certification of all DreamBirth® practitioners. As a Birth Doula, Claudia has assisted in over 300 births and incorporates the tools of DreamBirth® and Saphire® Imagery in her work with all those trying to conceive; have a healthy pregnancy; a good birthing experience and strong bonding between infant and parent. In her work, she also trains healthcare professionals on how to incorporate DreamBirth® exercises in their work. She is trained as an Alexander Technique teacher and a Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner. She holds a Masters from NYU in Kinesiology and Dance. Claudia is also one of the original seven Birth Doulas who worked with Catherine Shainberg in preparation for the book, DreamBirth.