Diana Maniati

Diana is a Certified Practitioner at the School of Images® and a registered Craniosacral Therapist with the Craniosacral Therapy Association UK. She also holds a master’s degree in Special Needs Education. Diana’s practice is centered on empowering her clients and facilitating tangible shifts at the energetic and physical levels to put them in touch with their own body-wisdom. She is a practitioner of a variety of holistic modalities of healing and self-development, including Reiki, Metamorphic Technique, EFT, Energetic NLP and Pranic Healing and is a qualified practitioner of Reflexology, Tibetan Pulsing and Craniosacral Therapy. Diana integrates Saphire® Imagery into her work to assist clients to have transformational insights into their own personal healing journey. She consults and teaches in English and Greek.