Emily Housman

Emily is a UK based midwife specialising in DreamBirth® to support women and couples from conception to birth, postnatally and beyond. After realising the profound transformation power of imagery in her own life, imagery became central to her work with clients seeking support in fertility, prenatal care, postnatal recovery and parenting. Emily now works with individuals at all life stages who are ready to transform and shift on the deepest levels, as they move towards embodying and living their unique potential..With a degree in  psychology, she has worked for more than 20 years with women, families and children in the UK and around the world. Emily has studied Saphire® Imagery at SOI with Catherine Shainberg for several years and in 2017 also became a DreamBirth® practitioner  whilst doing her midwifery training. She continues to work closely with DreamBirth® master teacher, Claudia Raiken, and is also training in Morphology.at SOI.