Makiko Miki

Makiko is a certified Practitioner and teacher at SOI, having trained with Catherine since 2011.  In collaboration with Catherine, she established and is the School of Images® Director for Japan through which she offers Saphire® Imagery and Dream Opening® classes, intensive workshops, and private sessions in Japanese.  She also organizes Dr. Shainberg’s Japanese workshops.  Makiko uses Saphire® Imagery practice in her work to dynamically transform people from the inside, helping them to free themselves from trauma and other problems, to restore strength, balance, and creativity, and to choose a better future. She integrates the ancient Japanese lore of Yin-Yang-Path and the Sacred Dragon teachings of the indigenous tribe of NZ and has found Saphire® Imagery and DreamOpening® to be the key to unlocking the wisdom of these traditions.  She is also a mother of a child conceived and delivered using DreamBirth.® She practices and teaches in Japanese and English.