Mala Kline

Mala is a Certified Practitioner and Senior Teacher of Saphire® Imagery at the School of Images®.  In collaboration with Catherine Shainberg, she established and leads The School of Images Slovenia in 2010 for dissemination of Saphire® imagery and dream techniques  She is also a noted performer, choreographer and writer. Mala holds MA in theatre and PhD in philosophy. Her extensive award-winning artistic oeuvre is embedded in the practice of dreaming techniques.  Mala uses Saphire® Imagery to facilitate individual and communal dreaming in order to create unique singular worlds woven from and generated through the language of our dreams. She combines her creative and imagery background to bring special expertise in her activities to support creative artists by using imagery to advance their work. She serves as an advisor, mentor and partner with numerous creatives who deal with questions related to their flow, focus, practice, methodologies, composition and performance. In 2011, she founded DREAMLAB – a mobile platform for a joint experimentation and reworking of Saphire® Imagery into a tools and strategies for research, creation and performance in the performing arts. She is founder and director of ELIAS 2069, an institute, school and residency space located in pristine natural wilderness in Slovenia, dedicated to education and creation of blueprints for the coming world through dreaming. She practices and teaches in Slovenian and English.