Samantha Smallwood-Pounds

Samantha is a Certified Saphire® Imagery Practitioner and Teacher.  She began her private practice as a healer, counselor, and spiritual teacher in 1993 and works with clients from all over the world through both private sessions and workshops. Samantha began her studies with Catherine Shainberg in 2015 and after “experiencing the profound, enlightening, and unlimited transformative power of the work” trained to become an SOI practitioner. Using these powerful and deeply transformative dreaming and imagery techniques, she guides her clients and students to their own personal revelations, helping them find their path to physical and emotional health, empowerment, joy, abundance, and success. In addition to offering private sessions and workshops herself, Samantha is working with Catherine to develop the DreamHelper® program for the School of Images® tthough which online inquiries and requests for dream help, individualized support, and private sessions in a variety of languages will be carefully matched with capacities and skills of SOI’s Certified Practitioners.