Sheona McEwan

Sheona McEwan realized she wanted to work with people when studying chemistry at Imperial College, realizing she enjoyed her volunteering with children with autism more than her lab work at college. Her academic studies in education and psychology led working with special needs populations and school counseling.  Widely travelled, in Thailand she came across more holistic approaches, coming to realize how much influence and power our subconscious offers to help on our road to health and recovery. Sheona is now a Certified Saphire® Imagery Practitioner and a certified Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. Sheona offers counseling to children and families in her practice, online and at various international schools in The Hague. She uses a combination of counseling, energy healing and dream therapy to work directly with the person’s subconscious images and their energy to find out where imbalance has arisen. She offers her work in English and Dutch.