Travis Carrier

Travis is a Certified Practitioner of Saphire® Imagery and works both online and in person in New York City. He experiences this lineage as profoundly powerful for healing, development, and integration. His personal journey has been to rediscover the healing potential of imagery since childhood. As an adult, his research was first initiated through painting and meditation. Since 2012, he has listened to the inner voice from within, completely changing directions from being an artist to a healer with the intention to help the healing and transformation of the world both personally and globally. Travis also teaches introductory Saphire® Imagery, is a certified facilitator and instructor for transpersonal hypnotherapy, spiritual and family constellations, and leads life-between-lives regression work. He is a spiritual healer in the traditional sense, working with people for a deep realignment on all levels of their self for a new manifestation of life. Travis has a BA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design.