Imagine the Real! Catherine Shainberg & Bernard Beitman

What lies at the intersection of coincidence and consciousness?


Bernard Beitman, founder of the Coincidence Project, recently interviewed Catherine Shainberg about this topic – the role of coincidence and its impact on consciousness. Hear Dr. Shainberg discuss how an apparent coincidence played a powerful role in her life’s work and how that work – Saphire® Imagery – proved it to be no coincidence, but an active manifestation of her subconscious, intuitive knowing. You can watch this fascinating interview here.




Drs. Shainberg and Beitman discuss the Cosmos – the vast and powerful DreamField that connects us all. As we move through and interact with this imaginal plane, we cross paths with one another. We stumble into interactions that appear coincidental or random, but often these moments feel familiar or meant to be. Perhaps it is our subconscious, our inner guidance, that leads us to these meaningful moments in time and space.


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