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Look Inside & Ask Questions | Catherine Shainberg on Empowering Chats

What can we find when we look inside? Answers to our burning questions may already exist within us, if only we ask. On thie episode of  Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell, Catherine Shainberg speaks on the power of inner gazing.

Catherine describes the Kabbalah as a means to receive. At the School of Images®, Catherine teaches the original Kabbalah – which is about this inner gazing. Dr. Shainberg believes this wisdom is available and accessible to all people.

She states that it begins by asking questions.

When questions are asked of the subconscious, answers are revealed. Generally, the subconscious will respond in images and sensations, awakening feelings in our body. She guides SOI students to learn what these images mean.

In the processing of doing this practice, Catherine believes individuals can “hear” and learn from their inner voice.

She talks about how we are like vessels. If we open ourselves up the light will flow through us – but that flow must first be triggered, and often it is triggered by our night dreams. When we in alignment, the answers can come through. When we ask, we can be shown a direction.

Nightmares can also guide us and generally show up when something is out of alignment and not working correctly in our lives. It can be extremely valuable to take the time to investigate – to “see” – what it is we are supposed to know.

Catherine goes on to say, as Einstein said, we are both matter and light. And through the tool of breathing we can release, open up, and receive the divine. And if we can get back to light, we can heal ourselves.