Mission: Evolution TV Interview with Catherine Shainberg

What can we find by turning our ever-outward facing gaze inwards? In this interview on Mission: Evolution, entitled Searching for Soul: The Journey Inward, Gwilda Wikaya and Catherine Shainberg discuss that journey and the abundant fruits it may bear.


Mission: Evolution

Catherine speaks of the origins of her interest in images and their implicit connection to the subconscious, beginning in her childhood and expanding ever onward. Catherine met female Kabbalist Colette Aboulker-Muscat in Israel during her young adulthood. The two clicked together as though they’d never been strangers. Catherine says:

Colette never talked to me about Kabbalah, or about Judaism. Until some inner dream of mine started saying Take a look at Kabbalah. Take a look at Judaism. And it was so familiar.

It was like coming home.

Both women find Kabbalah not some complex and inscrutable text, but as something accessed by looking inward.

The Kabbalah of Light, Dr. Shainberg’s new book, is full of soul-opening exercises. Within us lives ancestral history, chaos and imagination. She believes we can dissolve these blockages built up over years of living our outer-facing lives.

What happens when we look inwards, take seriously our dream images and pause on the fleeting sensations of everyday life?

Perhaps everything explodes, and we find just what we’ve been looking for––in color.