Stop Thinking, Start Imagining | Shainberg on Dream Journal

Catherine Shainberg speaks with radio show host and dream coach, Katherine Bell on June 19, 2022.

Stop Thinking and Start Imagining with Catherine Shainberg, PhD

Are you ready for a dream revolution? If our guest Dr. Catherine Shainberg reads it right, this could be as big as the 16th century reformation. Catherine starts by describing how she was told as a child to stop “dreaming her life away”, and yet here she is now with a full-time career of teaching people through the School of Images to bring more imagination into their lives.

Dream Exploration

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In this enlightening conversation, Catherine unpacks the host’s recent dream and leads a visualization exercise with a caller.

Both Catherine Shainberg and Katherine Bell are invited speakers at this year’s International Dream Conference, IASD, a hybrid event held in Tucson, Arizona. You can still register for the 39th annual conference here.

IASD runs from July 17-21, 2022. Catherine is invited to present on Monday,  July 18. Katherine Bell hosts KSQD’s The Dream Journal, which you can listen to anywhere you get your podcasts.