We Are Always Dreaming with Catherine Shainberg

Catherine Shainberg speaks on Insights at the Edge, discussing her 2014 book,  Dreambirth, and leading the host in an imagery exercise. You can join in on the practice, or listen and absorb the audial images.

Tami Simon speaks with Dr. Catherine Shainberg, a teacher who has more than 40 years experience adapting traditional practices into a modern medical context. Dr. Shainberg is the founder of the School of Images®, and with Sounds True she has released the new book DreamBirth: Transforming the Journey of Childbirth Through Imagery. In this episode, Tami speaks with Dr. Shainberg about the Kabbalistic lineage in which she’s been trained, how imagery is the language of the body, how the style of imagery she teaches can jolt us into spontaneous insight, and the effectiveness of imagery for mothers in every phase of the journey through childbirth.



“So, you may be smelling a flower and suddenly you’re in the stars. It’s something in the language that has created that jump. And when you’ve had that jump inside of you, you’re in an entirely different place. You’re in a healing place, in fact.” Catherine Shainberg

You can read the PDF version of the interview Here