About SOI’s Private Sessions

Where will your dreams take you?

At SOI, private sessions are a valuable resource for anyone interested in truly knowing themselves, in co-creating their own lives and in manifesting the life of their dreams. When you work with an SOI Practitioner and DreamHelper in a one-on-one environment, you will find insights into your own self, awake and dreaming, in a new and enlivening way.

An SOI Practitioner guides a participant through their own dreams and imagery, using Saphire® Imagery techniques to induce transformation, insight and restoration. In this work  dreams and imagery are not “interpreted” – they are experienced by the participating dreamer in a powerful yet simple way.

While Private Sessions are not therapy, they can help to clear the habits and perspective that have caused difficulty in the past, freeing us to make inspired new choices and opening our path to the future we have dreamed of.

Private sessions with an SOI Practitioners can benefit anyone interested in the transformative power of imagery, dreaming, and connecting with the inner self.

Private sessions with SOI Practitioners are available in 10 languages.

Connect with Your Dreams | Connect with Your Self

Participants often come to private sessions with questions about:

  • a personal situation they want to change
  • a relationship they’d like to improve
  • a goal they want to achieve

SOI’s skilled Practitioners and DreamHelpers will guide you through your own imagery and dreams for insight, restoration, and transformation.

Using Saphire® Imagery, you will be able to clear habits and difficulties of the past and reveal from within you how to make inspired new choices.

Samantha Smallwood-Pounds, SOI Practitioner and DreamHelper, gives additional information about SOI Private Sessions in this short video.  Take a look!

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