DreamSurgery Guided Exercises | Audio


Here are Dr. Catherine Shainberg’s groundbreaking techniques for surgery. These three simple and quick exercises will help you easily prepare for and heal from major or minor surgeries.

Having undergone surgery with and without Catherine’s DreamSurgery exercises, I know firsthand what a huge difference DreamSurgery makes. —Ivy Brown

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In 35 years’ application, DreamSurgery exercises have consistently produced remarkable results; patients feel more confident and relaxed going into surgery, recovery times are faster, and hospital stays are shorter. The exercises in this unique audio will transform your experience with surgery.

In 2009 I had a pleural effusion and was told I would have to have my heart drained. I did the exercises Catherine gave me and I did not have to have that procedure. After the DreamSurgery exercises,  another procedure that I was told would take  4-6 months took less than half the time. In 2010 I needed an aortic valve replacement. Again I did all the DreamSurgery exercises to prepare. A procedure that normally takes  3 hours took 1.5 hours—the surgeon said that had never happened before. They said I would be in the hospital 12-15 days—I was out in 6 days, and I think it would have been even less than that except there’s a minimum  6-day stay required for that operation.  —Ivy Brown