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What if a single book could reveal to you the path to manifestation in your life? That book – a book of images – is also known as Tarot. Many are familiar with Tarot as a divination tool. At SOI, Tarot is a book of images, a storyboard of our present condition and a portal to our subconscious mind that helps us to see who we are, what we want, and how to manifest our intentions in new ways. Through the forms, shapes, colors, letters and numbers of each card, Tarot is a fast, simple and direct way to explore images and open your dreams, the basis for creativity, imagination and transformation.

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Take a Deeper Dive into Tarot SOI’s Way

At SOI, we approach the images in the Tarot deck differently and use Tarot in an exceptionally powerful and effective way. We see Tarot is a book of images revealing our present condition and opening a portal to our subconscious mind.

Tarot is a powerful tool to help all of us dream in a different way, especially for those beginning their exploration of imagery. In January 2024, SOI’s popular course on Begining Tarot will return for 14 weeks of engaging and interesting exploration of this unique imagery tool.  

This online course introduces you to the structure of Tarot, and begins a deep exploration of the Major Arcana. SOI Practitioner & Teacher, Shara Morales, will guide you towards using Tarot as a mirror and a magnifier. Discover the truths that exist within you as you explore the Book of Images that is Tarot.

Try Beginning Tarot at no risk in January 2024.  If after attending the first session of Beginning Tarot you feel the course is not right for you, you can receive a refund for the 13 weeks that follow. Once you are introduced to the powerful potential of Tarot through the School of Images® we are confident you will want to continue your journey into the inner self. 

SOI Tarot class returns in January 2024!

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