Wake Up and Start Dreaming

You know how to walk.  But do you know how to dream?

There are two ways to travel through life, the walk and the dream. The walk is what you do everyday as you move through your life. It is a horizontal path in time – it starts when you are born, follows a story (yours) and eventually ends. The dream is vertical; it breaks through time.

Welcome to the world of KPD.

Based on ancient wisdom integrated into modern spiritual and psychological understanding, Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming opens a portal to a new way of knowing and experiencing based on your imagery – a universal language – and on the truth within you that your imagery reveals.  It is open and available to all, regardless or traditions or beliefs.

What is the power of your dreaming?

True dreaming is powerful  – it is the source of intent and manifestation. To access your true dreaming requires openness, willingness and practice. KPD uses ancient methods originally taught for centuries by Sephardic kabbalists to develop their dreaming abilities integrated with contemporary psychological knowledge and practice.

In a two-day online workshop (May 20-21) , SOI is once again opening its doors to introduce Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming, one of the simplest, most effective and transformative ways to introduce you to the power of your dreaming and the access it gives you to the vertical path, the path within that is beyond time.  While based on the Kabbalah, it is accessible and effective for all people, regardless of beliefs system.

Kabbalah & the Power of Dreaming

May 20-21, 2023

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