Free Your Emotional Energy

June 3, 10, 17 2024 | 90-minute sessions

Mistress of Emotions

Special Limited Series

June 3, 10, 17 2024

Mistress of Emotions | Mistress of Feelings – Transformation Through Inner Flow

We often talk about becoming the “master” of our emotions as way to help us control them.  Is there is a more loving, self-respectful and effective way of experiencing and handling our emotions? There is!

Join us starting on June 3 for three lively, 90-minute sessions to learn a new way to experience your emotions and transform them into the creative and expansive feeling states that your heart longs to embody. In this way return to Joy, Love, Freedom, Presence, Radiance, and more that you desire and deserve.

Drawing on ancient dreaming wisdom informed by teachings of SOI’s Saphire® and DreamBirth® Imagery, Certified Practitioner Lindsey Curtis will show you this new way.

This 3-session series will introduce you to the profound and illuminating approach called The Life Plan® –  created by and described in Kabbalah & Power of Dreaming® by Catherine Shainberg,, Ph.D.

Don’t miss this rare and unique opportunity to become your Mistress of Emotions.

A Dream Gift | Try This Quick Exercise

Making the shift from the contractive emotional states (like fear or the explosiveness of anger)  to a the expansive experience of courageous movement forward through true feelings is as easy as shift of the eyes or a breathing in a new pattern. That is where it starts –  in the body.

 As Catherine also reminded us: “In anger remember love takes but a second.”

What image of love do you hold in your heart?  What is the image of intimacy you hold, with yourself and others?  Go towards these feelings.

Here we offer a quick exercise to practice this “switch” from emotions to feelings. 

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Experience Your Emotions in a New Way

Emotion is energy in motion…. unless it isn’t.

Emotional stagnation held in the body can or will become pain down the line of time, either within our bodies or within our relationships (or both) as we disperse our emotions into our bodies or onto our beloveds and the world around us.

Is there a different way to transform the raw energy of emotions into the creative, expansive space of feelings?

There is! In freeing your stagnant or misplaced emotional energy and allowing it to flourish, you can become Mistress of Emotions.

Join Lindsey Curtis as she introduces you to a new way to experience your emotions – how to alchemize them from emotional dross to become the feelings of Love, Joy, Freedom, Presence, Radiance, and any other feeling state that your heart most desires to embody.  This video gives you an introduction to her approach.