Advanced Imagery | Course | Semester 2


This course is for everyone concerned about climate change and willing to explore and apply the power of dreaming on outer manifestation. Learn how to change the world, one dream at a time.

 Catherine Shainberg, Founder of the School of Images, will lead this online 21-week course for everyone interested in the power of dreaming and imagery to transform and manifest on all levels.

 Advanced Imagery will  be held on Zoom over 21 weeks beginning October 24, 2022 – May, 2023 | Mondays | 5:45 PM – 7:30 PM EDT (US). Schedule details in description.


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Advanced Imagery will meet each Monday from October 24, 2022 – May 19, 2023 | 5:45PM – 7:30 PM EDT (US)

This course is for everyone concerned about climate change and willing to explore and apply the power of dreaming to outer manifestation. Learn how to change the world, one dream at a time.

During this course,  you will develop an in-depth understanding of dreaming as a form of inner action that powerfully manifests outer results.  We are co-creators. We dream the world into being. Have we dreamed the world into a climate nightmare? What can we, as a dreaming community stretched out across the world, do?

Our theme this year is climate change, which none of us can doubt is now upon us. This summer we have lived through unprecedented spikes of temperature, floods, droughts, fires, the continuing destruction of rain forests, the extinction of more species a day (50 every single day, we are told). Some of us are callously indifferent, others stick their heads in the sand, others try to be activists. Most of us simply continue in our old ways, hoping without hope that the threat will go away.

Can we really separate ourselves from nature? Are we victims of forces greater than ourselves? Since we are not ecologists, farmers, architects of renewable ways, is there something, anything, we can contribute to help restore sanity and health to our planet?

Every action now counts. The balance of our ecosystem was, until the Industrial age, imperfectly perfect and it kept us alive and functioning. What is a balanced ecosystem? What is humankind’s proper role in “subduing and ruling” the world – have we truly understood or, more likely,  misunderstood this Biblical injunction?

We, as a community of co-creators, can activate the tikkun (correction) and help to turn this situation around. Outer action is of the utmost importance, but inner action starts all true manifestation. Our work this year will be to develop through imagery exercises and using the model of the Tree of Life, a new consciousness in which we are not separate from nature, but instead participating full heartedly with the stars, water, fire, air, earth, rocks, plants and animals, in restoring our planet to its magnificence.

Saphire® Imagery is central to all we teach at the School.  Based on an ancient practice, it offers an innovative way to access the portal to transformation that exists in each of us. The uniqueness of Saphire® is the jolt contained in each short imagery exercise that, seemingly like “abracadabra” opens the doors to your subconscious and plunges you straight into your dreaming mind.

Saphire® Imagery is the practice of inner vision.  It teaches you how to short-circuit your inner chatter and hone into the image that speaks louder than a thousand words. Quick, revelatory, surprising, it is an event to be experienced. You will gain immediate access to your creativity, truth and inner guidance.

The class is open to those who have either taken Beginners’ Imagery or a previous workshop with Catherine or one of SOI’s senior teachers.  To confirm if you can attend this class, send Jennifer Purcell, our school administrator, an email at


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