Morphology – Greek Gods IV | 3-Day Workshop | Featuring Catherine Shainberg | 16-18 Jun 2023


This 3-day, online workshop explores Morphology, the study of body form and the practice of observing the body to understand the unique story it tells us. In this workshop you will learn how myths of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are embodied in the shapes, lines, and forms of the human body and how to recognize these in yourself and the people around you. You will also gain a perspective with useful and practical applications in everyday life.

 16-18 Jun 2023 | 1 PM-9PM (UK)  8AM-4 PM (EDT) | Online

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Morphology | Greek Gods IV | 3-Day Workshop | Featuring Catherine Shainberg | 16-18 June 2023 | 1 PM-9PM (UK)  8AM-4 PM (EST)

At the School of Images® we approach morphology using our bodies as a guide to the Self. In this process, you will learn to see, without judgment and with great respect, how the shape of a body has a unique story to tell. The form of our body can show to us who we truly are, reveal the hidden potential we don’t often see, and inform how  to respond to and move harmoniously in the world.

In this 3-day online workshop, Catherine Shainberg and Certified SOI UK practitioners will guide you towards understanding three “mixed types” – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – plus one more: the twelfth type which has no name and remains hidden.

If you have attended a Morphology | 4 Grids workshop, the foundation of this work, the class will be easier to follow. But even if you are new to Morphology you can jump in.

During this workshop, we will use SOI dreaming tools to enter into each of these “god” types to discover their specific embodiment. We will actively engage in many short and dynamic imaginal exercises based on the Saphire® Imagery method of the School of Images® to gain an understanding of how images and forms create and are created by us to manifest and transform our lives.

At the end of this workshop, you will have much information to continue your exploration and use of morphology to understand your inner truth, guide your own life, and make more informed practical choices.

Participants will receive a Zoom link to this workshop prior to the first class.

Schedule:The daily schedule is the same each day: 1 PM-9PM (UK)  8AM-4 PM (EST)  There will be four (4) 90-minutes sessions each day with 30- minute breaks between each session.

Regular Fee: $435  (£350)

Early Bird Fee if paid by May 5 (11:59 PM EST) $400 (£320)

Bonus Bundle Discount:  If you register by May 5th for this workshop and Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming workshop (May 20-21),  a £50 fee reduction applies to the bundle price.  See separate Bundle listing.

Fee for current SOI Practitioners and SOI certification trainees: $400 (£320)