SOI Advanced Morphology | The Hand | Course | 2023- 2024


This course explores the human hand, the study of body form and the practice of observing the body to understand the unique story it tells us.  In this course you will learn how the hand reveal much about our alignment, consciouness, and that of those around you. You will also gain a perspective with useful and practical applications in everyday life.

Catherine Shainberg, Founder of the School of Images, will lead this online 21-week course for everyone interested in the power of body forms to affect our inner and outer experience.   This  course is open to anyone who has taken Morphology | 4 Grids or another SOI workshop.

24 October 2023 – 14 May 2024 | Tuesdays | 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM EDT (US)

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Advanced Morphology | The Hand | 24 October – 14 May 2024 | Tuesdays | 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM EDT (US)

At the School of Images® we approach morphology using our bodies as a guide to the Self.  In this process, you will learn to see, without judgment and with great respect, how the shape of a body has a unique story to tell. The form of our body can show to us who we truly are, reveal the hidden potential we don’t often see, and inform how  to respond to and move harmoniously in the world.

In this course we will explore the human hand.

We are not palmists, delving deeply into the lines of a palm.  We are morphologists studying form, able to read the people we meet at a glance.

A hand shake, a quick look at the shape, colors, texture of the palm, at the forms of the fingers and nails, can tell us whether hand, face and body work in tandem or in opposition.

We can learn a lot about the mind that is mirrored in the palm and fingers, and this is information that completes and refines our general reading of body and face.

Fingers and palms are connected by shape to the Greek Gods and to their stories. Our hands tell us what these basic mythic characteristics are while also showing us our unfolding personal stories. The two hands can be different, like the two sides of a face.

We will study their relationship to each other and to the world, how they give and receive energy, and how they interact with the world. We will cover the major mounds, lines and time patterns that show in a hand. And, in the process, try to uncover each hand’s uniqueness.

From this, we will explore how this applies to the living body –  starting with the study of hands.

If you have attended a Morphology | 4 Grids workshop, the foundation of this work, the class will be easier to follow.

At the end of this school year you will have much information to begin your exploration and use of morphology to understand your inner truth, guide your own life, and make more informed practical choices.  You will gain a deeper  understanding of who you are and, just as importantly, who your neighbor is. You will even find out that there are ways to use these combinations of shapes and forms in practical ways to better communicate with others and harness your basic temperament and nature as you move through all aspects of your life.

During the course we will actively engage in many imaginal exercises based on the Saphire® Imagery method as taught by the School of Images.® Short and dynamic exercises will help you explore the form and shape of the body types, and more deeply of the human hand. Together with the conceptual work on morphology, you will have a deeper understanding of how images and forms create and are created by us to manifest and transform our lives.

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