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Saphire® Exercise
Two Hands

When you are caught in what seems like irreconcilable choices (for example, between family and a career, but not able to have both) do this exercise to find a way forward out of the dichotomy.

This DreamGift is one of many Saphire® Imagery Exercises developed by Catherine Shainberg.  We recommend you first watch this video before doing the exercise. Then for best effect, listen to the exercise while sitting in a relaxed position with your feet on the floor and your eyes closed.

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From the Kabbalah of Light, Catherine Shainberg’s newest book released in July 2022 and  as excerpted in Eden Magazine (Summer 2022)

 Kabbalah of dreaming is also called the Kabbalah of Light or Saphire. Saphire is unique among other forms of Kabbalah in that it limits its practice to the imagination and visualizations to access higher levels of consciousness.


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Acclaimed books on Saphire® Imagery and DreamBirth® by Catherine Shainberg.


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Catherine Shainberg’s book as well as additional materials in e-books and audible formats are available for purchase from SOI and from major booksellers at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Inner Traditions and more.  Podcasts of Catherine Shainberg, Claudia Raiken and other teachers and practitioners in the SOI community will available when produced.


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Organizations and groups can benefit significantly from Saphire®Imagery. Consultations are available for both small and large groups that want to use the full power of their imagination as a direct source of guidance, inspiration,  and organizational transformation.

The issues facing groups are seemingly complex, but can often be simplified and clarified by imagery and dream work, unleashing the power of your group’s creativity and imagination to achieve your goals.

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Participants often come to private sessions with questions about:

  • a personal situation they want to change
  • a relationship they’d like to improve
  • a goal they want to achieve

SOI’s skilled Practitioners will guide you through your own imagery and dreams for insight, restoration, and transformation.

Using Saphire®Imagery, you will clear out habits and difficulties of the past and reveal from within you how to make inspired new choices.

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