The Return of the Frogs’ Song | Catherine Shainberg, Ph.D.

Affecting Climate Change Through the DreamField

Forty years ago, when I first came to live on the shores of a glacial pond on Cape Cod, there were thousands of toads and frogs, snapping turtles, painted turtles, racoons, foxes, deer, bats, owls, chipmunks, squirrels, snakes to say nothing of the many insects and migrating birds. The sound was so loud that friends refused to come visit us. Today the raucous singing arising from the pond and its shores has stopped. At night, a single lonely croak or two tells the sad tale.

Frogs are meant to sing! When King David boasted of singing more praises than any other creature, the frog leaped up and croaked, “Don’t let it get to your head, for I sing far more praises to God in a single day than you could in a lifetime!”  (Midrash Yal’kot Shimoni) What can we do to bring the frogs’ song – and those of all the other species that are fast disappearing – back to us? All of them, the psalms tells us, are meant to “praise the Infinite One.” (Ps 148:4) and to “sing the life force into manifestation.”

Before the great climate change descended upon us, we would welcome a moment’s silence. I would say to my husband, “Listen, I will tell the frogs to stop singing….” Their silence didn’t last longer than a minute or two, because frogs can’t concentrate that long. “But how do you do that?” my husband would marvel.

I am a dreamer. I teach the art of dreaming to people who want to transform their lives. Every time they tap into their subconscious, they tap into a field that Carl Jung famously called the “collective unconscious.” I am not crazy about that title: Our dreaming is neither unconscious nor collective. It is a unified field. I like to call it the DreamField.

Our DreamField is the basis of our existence. We emerge from the DreamField, not the other way around. Our DreamField is the constantly changing, ever creating network on which all life forms shape themselves and manifest. Tapping into our subconscious we have access to this non-linear, malleable, energetic field. In the DreamField there is no distance, no past or future, just an instantaneous revelation. Quantum dreaming? There are many examples of people picking up on another’s actions, space and time contracted into a clear, succinct transmission.

Our dreaming is neither unconscious nor collective. It is a unified field.

Can we use our dreaming to restore the song of the frogs? To bring the frogs and all other animals that graced our lives back to our ponds, lakes, streams, woods and more? Can we use dreaming to do so? If I could stop the singing of the frogs (it sounded like an amplified scene at the Milan opera!) with an image, can I bring their energetic blueprint back from the DreamField into manifestation?

These living beings are still with us, let us not lose one more species. We must place our dreaming energy at their service to help them return to their full-throated song of life.

Nothing gets done in life unless we have already dreamed it.

Catherine Shainberg, Ph.D.  |  September 2023

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