Wake up. Start dreaming.

The School of Images® is a unique setting to explore the power of your own subconscious – its imagery, dreams and the deep use of imagination – to manifest and transform yourself and the world you impact. Through classes, workshops, events, private sessions, practitioner referrals, DreamGifts and other resources, SOI makes available a powerful synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern practices, techniques and tools for all to use in creating the life of your dreams.

Discover the School of Images®

The School of Images® was founded by Dr. Catherine Shainberg in 1982. Now a New York-based institute and global network of study centers, SOI guides us to use the power of dreams, imagery and imagination for transformation and manifestation.

Both profound and practical, SOI guides us to experience and see our own images and dreams in a completely new way – as revelatory, quick-acting, and truth-telling, if we know how to see and work with them.

With new perspective, new techniques and new tools, we transform our selves and our lives to manifest a life of greater purpose, fulfillment and benefit to those we impact.

Through classes, workshops, private sessions, special events, and many other resources, the School of Images® draws upon an 800-year-long lineage of the Kabbalah integrated with modern western psychological understanding to make available techniques and tools for all to use in creating the life of their dreams.

SOI provides many exciting and interesting opportunities to help you wake up and start dreaming:

Want to expand your personal self-development?

Interested in becoming a certified practitioner who can work with others?

SOI Core Offerings

Want to Harness the True Power of Your Dreams and Imagery?

We think too much. Saphire® Imagery shows us a revolutionary way to short-circuit our mental chatter to create the space and awareness for you to see and experience much more of who you are through inner gazing, imagery, and dreaming.

Gain immediate access to your creativity, truth and inner guidance using simple, easy and powerful imaginal exercises. 

Curious About How to Open Your Dreams in an Entirely New Way?

What if you could open your dreams in a way that changes and expands how dreams inform you, guide you and transform your life? You can –  through DreamOpening.®

Dreams are messages from the subconscious. Not opening them is akin to not reading a letter you have received. DreamOpening®  reveals the language and necessity of dreams – the truth within the dream or image that deserves your attention. Learn how to dream!

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What Do Our Bodies Teach Us About Ourselves?

Morphology Holds a Key

At SOI, we approach Morphology as the study of body form and the practice of observing the body to understand its unique story.

Using our bodies as a guide to the Self, we learn to see, without judgment and with great respect, how the forms, lines and shapes of the body can show us who we truly are and reveal the hidden potential we don’t often see. Using short, dynamic imaginal techniques, Morphology reconnects your experience to the language of the body and your dreaming for creative manifestation and transformation.

Can A Single Book Reveal the Path to Manifestation in Your Life?

YES! Tarot SOI’s way is that book.

At SOI, Tarot is a book of images, a storyboard of our present condition and a portal to our subconscious mind that helps us to see who we are, what we want, and how to manifest our intentions in new ways.

Tarot is a fast, simple and direct way to explore images and open your dreams, the basis for creativity, imagination and transformation.

Do You Want to Experience the Childbirth of Your Dreams?

DreamBirth®  can make all the difference.

DreamBirth® is a method for communicating directly with your body through the language of dreams and imagery. Using imaginal techniques and other inner processes and tools, DreamBirth® guides you to use your innate (pro)creative power for conception, pregnancy, labor  and childbirth, post-partum healing, and and parenting and bonding.

DreamBirth® taps into your vast creative intelligence as creators of life, as parents-to-be, and as birth professionals helping along the way.  DreamBirth® can be used:

  • For personal use by mothers (and all parents and birth helpers) as a self-development tool
  • For professional use by birthing professionals who are interested in becoming trained and certified in DreamBirth®

Private Sessions

At SOI, private sessions are a valuable resource for anyone interested in truly knowing themselves, in creating their own lives and in manifesting the life of their dreams.

When you work with an SOI Practitioner and DreamHelper in a one-on-one environment, you will find insights into your own self, awake and dreaming, in a new and enlivening way.

An SOI Practitioner guides you through your own dreams and imagery, using Saphire® Imagery techniques for transformation, insight and restoration. In this work  dreams and imagery are not “interpreted” – they are experienced by the participating dreamer in a powerful yet simple way.

Tools for Self-Development


These short and transformational Saphire® Imagery exercises developed create a dialogue between the conscious and subconscious for transformation on every level.

Free Tastes

  • We offer curious adventurers of the mind and soul free, short introductions to all of our main programs.

Workshops + Classes

  • Check our Calendar for transformational offerings that range from 4 hour workshops to year-long courses of study.


  • Our Blog features essays, topical pieces, and other creative works from SOI’s Practitioners and community members.

Book Excerpts

  • You can read a free excerpt from Catherine Shainberg’s newest book, Kabbalah of Light here.