Discover Imagery & Children

April 22, 2023

Imagery & Children for Parents

April 22, 2023

Your dreams and imagery can transform your life and the world around you.  It can do the same for kids.

At SOI, we have for forty years focused on this process in adults. Now,  SOI introduces how Saphire® Imagery can be used in working with children and adolescents and with those who specialize in work with young people – primarily parents and educators.

On April 22nd, SOI is offering a Workshop on Imagery & Children for Parents (and grandparents!). this 4-hour, online workshop will show you how imagery and the re-activation of imagination  in young people can transform their lives and meet their real needs for creativity, problem-solving, self-care and well being at home and at play.

Sheona McEwan, SOI Practitioner and Teacher, will draw on her extensive experience with young people to explain why creativity and imagery are such an essential part of children’s development. Together, we will dip into some imagery exercises, observe the impact on ourselves, and then look at how these exact exercises transformed children and adolescents she has worked with. This workshop is for parents who want effective and transformative tools that can easily be used in a home setting.

A Special Invitation for Parents

Transforming the lives of children one dream at a time

SOI’s introduction of Imagery & Children for Parents is an invitation to  parents to restore creativity, imagination and play in children. In this video, hear from Sheona McEwan herself about how imagery and imagination offer an invaluable way for children to know themselves better, develop their inner resources more fully, and live in healthy and beneficial ways in their bodies.

On April 22nd, join Sheona in for a 4-hour workshop on Imagery & Children for Parents to learn more about how this approach can transform children’s lives and meet their real needs for creativity, problem-solving, self-care and well-being at home and at play.