Create the Childbirth Experience of Your Dreams

DreamBirth® is a method for communicating directly with your body to create the birth experience of your dreams. Through the language of dreams and imagery, DreamBirth® offers beautiful, quick, simple and practical  exercises and guidance to use your innate (pro)creative power for conception, pregnancy, labor, birthing, post-partum care and and parenting and bonding.

Using imaginal techniques and other inner processes and tools, DreamBirth® allows us to see, understand and minimize or eliminate blocks in every step if the birth-giving process.

DreamBirth® is an essential resource for parents-to-be, midwives, fertility experts, and any birth care professional.

Ease into Labor with DreamBirth®

How do we tap into the vast creative intelligence we have as creators of life, as parents-to-be?

The arrival of your baby may be the most exciting moment of your life. The way to that moment –  through labor – is often depicted and experienced as difficult, even frightening. Many women (and their partners) can be anxious about this part of the childbirth process.

But what if you could have an easier way to enter and experience labor and childbirth? You can!  It is called DreamBirth.

Join us starting March 2 for a 4-week course: Easing into Pregnancy & Birth

DreamBirth® offers a direct, simple and powerful method for you to access this inner reservoir.  Once you have tapped into it, you will never lose it.

Try a DreamBirth®  Exercise for an Easy Labor

This DreamBirth® exercise  “Ocean of Light” will help anyone preparing for or undergoing labor contractions to relax and allow the body to ease into labor. It is also fantastic as a sleep aid! Claudia Raiken, Director and Master Practitioner of DreamBirth® leads you through this exercise.

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