The Subconscious: Our Access to the Light of Creation 2024 | Weekly Posts for Participants 


Overview | On this page you will find timely posts that follow-up on the past sessions and prepare you for the upcoming session, including:

Post session follow-up on the most recent completed session |  You will find a link to a viewable recording of the most recent session which will be available for five days after the session, that is, from Saturday to Thursday following. 

Other resources are now concluded for this workshop.

Thank you for joining us!

This Week’s Post

Overview | As described above, on this page you will find timely posts that follow-up on the past sessions .  Now that the workshop is completed, we offer access to the last class pre-session  pdf and video only.


There is so much more to explore!  As requested by many of you, we suggest you consider one or both “Tastes” linked here.  Tastes are 60-minute intros by SOI’s senior teachers and practitioners.  We have two coming up soon that will deepen your experience and understanding of this approach:   A Taste of the Life Plan  (which I will lead)  and a Taste of Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming, led by my skilled colleague, SOI Practitioner Travis Carrier.   Both Tastes will be interesting and engaging.  They are also both free!  Here are the links, for your consideration and additional information:

See you soon and hopefully, many times in the future!

Kabbalah & the Power of Dreaming

May 20-21, 202

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